By Aubrey Matthews

        Mr. Joseph Small came to Burgeo in 1860, with his parents from Boston at the age of thirteen years. He was Stipendary Magistrate and J.P. of the District of Burgeo and LaPoile for many years. He married Hannah, daughter of Rev. John Cunningham. His ancestors travelled from Europe to U.S.A. in The Mayflower 1620. During his later years he compiled a diary of the sixty families living here when he first came. He tells us when each family lived and names each member in the family

        When asked by Burgeo Come Home Year Committee to prepare a book partly containing the early history of Burgeo, I considered that the material I have used from the diary would be more beneficial to the readers in helping some of them to find their family 'roots'. The history of these early families has been copied as the writer, Mr. Small, wrote it.

        I am pleased to have the opportunity of sharing this information with you.

Our Town

                                                        Barren yes, but beautiful
                                                        Unto many eyes that scan thee,
                                                        Regarded by some as Queen of the Coast
                                                        God grant you endless prosperity.
                                                        Earth bath no more a nobler sod,
                                                        Where angels must have trod.