In King's Harbour, we fund old Job Timberley, an Englishman. His wife was a daughter of old Grandmother Melbourne. She [Grandmother Melbourne] lived there [at King's Harbour] with her son, James, whose wife was a daughter of old Mr. Hayman of Fox Island. On the death of Jim she married Thomas Taylor. Job [Timberley] had two sons, James and Joby, and three daughters. Mrs. Job] Timberley was a daughter of Mrs. Melbourne who taught many of her children and J.T.(?) to read.

    Henry Cutler, an Englishman, also lived here. His wife was also a Melbourne. These latter two families moved to Fox Island. The Cutler's, here and at Ramea, are the sons and grandsons of Henry.

    James Timberley married a daughter of Mrs. Clark. Both are now dead. One son, William, was lost at sea. Another, John, is living at Sydney. He married a Young, daughter of James Young senior. Jane was married first to George Strickland of Bay de Lieu by whom she had a son and a daughter. The boy drowned at Burgeo in 1900. The daughter died. Jane next married a Toms of Pushthrough. He died and she returned here and worked for a living. She then went to Sydney and married an O'Brien who was killed in an accident. She is still living here with a nephew. Sarah married William Strickland who died ten years ago. She is still living with [her] daughter, Mrs. [George] Sutton. Another daughter married Thomas Lushman of Grey River. They are both dead. I think they left a son.

    This covers the families who were living there when the writer came. A year or so later, these people moved out of King's Harbour. John and George Grimes had lived there before1860 but moved up to Cinq Cerf. The John Grimes who lived here up to 1900, was a son and others to the west by this name, are descendants of these two men.