The first Government Officer sent here, in the 1850s, was a Custom's Officer, a Mr. Sawyer, from St. John's. Richard Bradshaw of Placentia replaced him. He retired and was appointed to Gaultois in 1864 and Francis Parsons of Harbour Grace came here in February 1864 and held the office until his death in 1883. The next Custom official was John Cunningham. He, too, was retired in 1923. Mr. E.L. [Ernest Lamont] Parsons, a grandson of Mr. Francis Parsons, above mentioned, was appointed to the Customs to replace Mr. Cunningham. This now gives the records of the officials from the first appointment to date.

    The first doctor was Dr. Morris from St. John's. I cannot say just when he came but he had left the place by 1860 and in December of that year, Dr. George Quilton Hunt came and practiced until 1884. Then he was appointed Stipendiary Magistrate to replace old Mr. John Jordan, who had been appointed in 1874 but died in 1886. Dr. Hunt did not hold the office long as the winter and Morris government abolished the office in 1896 and there was no appointment made till 1906. Then the _______ was appointed by the Bond government. Doctor Murphy of Halifax came in 1885 and remained for a year. Then we got a Dr. MacDonald of Nova Scotia, who remained until 1919. He retired and Dr. Kean came that year and is still here.