We will take the family of Colliers, from whom the island gets its name. Old Mr. Charles Collier came to Burgeo from Lamaline. The date is unknown but it must have been as early as 1820 and I think the family must have all been born at Lamaline. Mrs. Collier died in 1862, a very old person. She was a Bagg, one of the old stock of Cape La Hune that moved from Burin in about 1800. This family consisted of Charles, who died in. say 1897. His wife died a few years before. Mrs. [Charles] Collier junior] was an Anderson from Otter's Point. Next was Mary, who married Joseph Dicks and lived on this Island. Mr. Dicks died before 1860 and Mrs. [Mary] Dicks in about 1880. The next was Susan, who married Francis Read of LaPoile. Mrs. Read lived to be a very old lady. She died in 1920, age 96. They were married in 1843 by Reverend Martin Blackmore, in Burgeo. The next was John, who married Mary A. Hayman of Fox Island, sometime about 1850. He died in our about 1890. Mrs. [Mary A. (Hayman)] Collier is still living, with her son Charles. One daughter married Thomas Janes. They are still living on the Island. The other member of this old family, Elizabeth, has been long since dead. She was married to Christopher Dicks, who died before 1860. They left a large family, but only four are living at this date, two here and two long gone from Burgeo.

    On this island we also find, in 1860, Abraham Keeping of Ramea who died that year. He married Elizabeth Dicks in 1851. After his death, Mrs. Keeping married my old friend Thomas Taylor; both are long dead.

    Next we find my old friend and dealer for years, Charles Hann, who married Susan Collier, the daughter of Charles Collier. Both are now dead; Charles in or about 1915; Mrs. Hann the same year. Three sons of this family were drowned at sea: Charles with Captain John Vatcher in 1900; Captain Bert in 1916 or 1918; and Billy in a schooner of Thomas Moulton, in the year before mentioned.

    Next we find Stephen McDonald, a bachelor who lived alone. He left Burgeo and went to Harrington, Labrador, in the seventies. He died there in the eighties. He had a brother there by the name of Thomas.

    This now covers Collier's Island.