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Marine Atlantic provides year-round vehicle and passenger ferry service between North Sydney, Nova Scotia, and Port aux Basques, Newfoundland. Crossing time is approximately 6 hours. Your journey from Port Aux Basques to the Route 480 intersection on the Trans Canada Highway is 154 km. A few km before the Route 480 intersection is the Barachois Pond Provincial Park, one of the lovely parks on the southwest coast. This park has a lot of recreational activities and is worth a visit. Route 480 is 148 km long, with no service stations, so be sure to check your fuel. This highway is named The Caribou Trail. It will take you through the forests and barrens of the rugged interior to the south coast community of Burgeo. This is an excellent area to see some of the 60,000 woodland caribou that inhabit Newfoundland. Burgeo is located on an island connected to the main portion of Newfoundland by a short causeway. Settled by Europeans in the 1700s, it has grown into a major service and transportation centre for the western half of the south coast. From here you can get a coastal boat west to Grand Bruit, La Poile and Rose Blanche, and east to Ramea, Grey River, Francois, Macallum and Gaultois.

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